Kefir for Your Face

We have already heard and witnessed the power of oatmeal. It’s a healthy snack that helps you feel energized and it has natural skin-improving properties. That is why it is now used as an exfoliating agent in many skincare products.
But not only oatmeal can give you that smooth and soft skin. Here’s another wonder food that’s not only good for the diet but also great for the skin. Pamper yourself with an organic facial at home with kefir.

Kefir contains alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA) which reduces signs of aging such as the dreaded wrinkles. It is a form of lactic acid which harmonizes with our skin and hair’s acidity. This lactic acid in kefir dissolves the lipids that old skin cells hold together and helps remove dead skin cells.

The alpha hydroxyl acid in kefir also reduces the appearance of freckles and scar tissue. So yes, kefir can help improve the overall feel of your skin and bring out a new radiance. But before you head out to a lavish spa, try these formulas you can make at home.
First up is an organic facial cleanser. What you need are kefir, oatmeal and baking soda. All you have to do is mix the oatmeal in kefir and then add a touch of baking soda.
Simply scrub the mixture onto your face in circular motions. With the powers of oatmeal and kefir combined, there is no doubt you will be getting its benefits. It will help you achieve a cleaner, clearer and healthier skin.

Another facial treatment you can make is a kefir honey oatmeal mask. For this recipe, you need to measure up ½ cup of uncooked oatmeal, ¾ cup kefir and 2 tablespoons of warm honey. Mix the kefir and oatmeal and put in the fridge for 10 hours.
Strain but keep the liquid and discard the oatmeal. Add the honey at this point and mix well. Apply the facial mask, which is great for oily skin, leave on for 20 minutes and rinse well.
Kefir mask
Kefir mask
It is such a wonderful facial mask that leaves your skin feeling slightly softer yet tightened. But of course, do not forget to moisturize. You can even apply home-brewed kefir alone for a therapeutic facial mask.
These kefir cleanser and facial mask recipes also give a calming effect on your skin. So, kefir is not only a delicious and healthy food that goes into the digestive system with all its friendly bacteria or probiotic cultures. Kefir offers skincare benefits, too.

by David


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