You may have heard of the health benefits of kefir that come quite handy for the winter and flu season. It provides a natural way of boosting our immune system, protecting our health and enhancing the health of our skin. A great way to start your day loaded with nutrients and vitamins is with a glass of unsweetened whole milk kefir with added fresh fruit or berries if you prefer.

Kefir is a fermented probiotic milk drink. Its name is usually translated to “pleasure” or “good feeling” which corresponds to its health-promoting properties. But it is not only recognized for its health benefits as it has beauty benefits as well.
Kefir is a sort of liquid sparkling yogurt with its own naturally sweet, mild and yet tangy flavor. Its distinct taste and magical reputation as an elixir to long life explains why people have made kefir and other fermented drinks as their choice of beverage. But the goodness of this dairy is now incorporated into beauty and skin care products.
Its active probiotic content is just one of the many reasons why kefir is in good rep. These probiotics which are also found in yogurt are live naturally-occurring microorganisms functioning internally in our body. It functions to promote healthy digestion, boost immunity, and contribute to our total health and wellbeing.

Probiotics in kefir are healthy bacteria. They play a key role in the digestive tract by aiding digestion of food and absorption of nutrients and minerals. Because of that, both health and beauty of our skin benefit from it.

Probiotics provide such protection from allergens which can cause skin problems. It wards off pollutants and inflammation-inducing free radicals. It keeps down the production of pro-inflammatory chemicals by the intestinal cells making our gut healthy.
So, this healthy anti-inflammatory gut is actually translated into a healthy glowing skin. Imagine putting kefir on your face. Imagine all the goodness of this dairy product being absorbed directly into your skin.
Kefir beauty products
Kefir beauty products
Beauty products containing kefir have anti-inflammatory properties that delay premature aging caused by free radicals. It also promotes collagen synthesis, strengthens the skin’s defense and helps in skin repair. With antioxidants added to its composition, the better these beauty products are.

Kefir in beauty products is clear and calming. It protects the skin from environmental toxins that can lead to buildup of dead skin cells and blemish-causing bacteria. The result is a healthier skin without irritations.

As soon as the first signs of wrinkles show up, we all turn to anti-aging beauty products and these ones with kefir are just as effective. With continued use, it will be as good as the health benefits you would be getting if you have it by drinking. The result is a healthy, properly hydrated, supple and young skin.



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